Because these are not just photos, this is a healing and momentous experience you'll never forget.

Your boudoir photos should capture the best version of you while you're feeling the most confident you ever have…

Having boudoir photos taken can be an intimidating prospect when you first consider it, I get it. Not to worry, I'm here to walk you through every step of this journey from selecting your intimate outfits to ensuring you have professional hair and makeup so you don't have to worry about getting ready for these photographs and everywhere else in between.

This experience is shaped around you and designed to help lead you into a more confident and elevated version of yourself.

The relationship you have with your body is one of the most important relationships that you have in this world, and I can think of no better investment into such an important relationship than a luxury boudoir session where you are photographed just as you are, perfect in your identity as you exist today.

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Tizzy's  boudoir experience

I’ve definitely had a love hate relationship with my vessel... most days I feel disconnected to my physical body. I have gone through life feeling tethered to my body, a body I didn’t choose to be in.  Who I truly am, lays deeper. Who I am, is who I choose to be on a daily.

I wanted to have the opportunity to feel in control of my body. This  boudoir session allowed for me to tap into embracing my body. I felt empowered because I was able to share visual parts of myself... under my terms and conditions.

I learned that I’m hard on myself when it comes to my body and how I look. And that I’m a lot more beautiful than what I feel most days. As a person that is gender fluid I was able to comfortably embrace that and feel sexy. I felt comfortable to feel 100% myself.

This is one of the best acts of care that I’ve done for myself."

"Self-love mean embracing all parts of yourself, and having grace and patience with yourself.

How it Works



We’ll get to know each other over the phone or craft brews, schedule your session date, and book your hair and makeup appointment services with your session fee. Then we’ll develop a plan to capture the types of boudoir photos you’re looking for.

The Day of Your Shoot


You’ll arrive at our private salon for hair, makeup, and pampering. Then we’ll spend about 1  to 1.5 hours shooting together with as many outfit changes as you desire (I recommend 3). I’ll create a safe, comfortable environment that helps you feel empowered, validated, and seen.

Reveal & Order


2 weeks after your shoot, we will schedule a virtual reveal of your photos. You’ll choose your favorite photos and have the opportunity to order beautiful prints of your images, a little black book for your partner, or a glass print box for yourself.

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Why printed products?

 Prints become treasured heirlooms and convey a rich depth to what you look like and how you feel in this exact moment in time. 

While digital packages of your boudoir photos are available for purchase, I believe there’s something to be said about the timeless nature of printed photographs. Your beauty doesn’t deserve to sit on a computer or hard drive forever, it deserves to be printed and seen.

"Don't wait until you think your body is what "they" say the perfect body is."


What otherS are saying

"She will make you feel like a deity during your session AND every time you look at yourself in the high quality photos she delivers."


What otherS are saying

"This is one of the best acts of care that I’ve ever done for myself."


What otherS are saying

The studio & closet

Our studio experience is designed to make you feel safe, seen, and affirmed. We curated a space that is extremely versatile, allowing for us to create a variety of images and galleries that never look just like another session we’ve done before.

Additionally, our boudoir closet is available for every client to ensure there are lovely outfits ready for you wear at any time during your session. 

So know, when you book your session, you’ll be taken care of in every sense from the top of your head to your lashes to your locations for photos and your outfits!

Is this experience really for me?

I proudly document any and every body! Members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of all genders and cultures, and chronically ill or disabled individuals are welcome here at Jessica Hunt Photography. 

Every pound, inch, color, shape, and beauty mark is welcome in front of my lens. No matter your flaws, you’re welcome here. Come as you are and we’ll make something beautiful together.

Reach out today and let’s talk about your session!

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"We all know boudoir sessions can be nerve racking but choosing Jessica Hunt was the BEST decision I ever made."


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"Jess is a natural hype-woman and just makes you feel so great! AND you can tell it’s all genuine. She’s not just saying things because that’s what a photographer is “supposed” to say, she wants you to feel as good as you already look!"

Anonymous Client

What otherS are saying