It's time to accept and adore your body, 

No matter what you look like, how much you weigh, or what stage you are in life, right now is the perfect time for you to invest in a boudoir session experience.

I'm speaking from experience because I know that being a boudoir photographer and being photographed intimately myself has changed my life and how I see myself. 

In a time where we are inundated with tons of examples of what we should look like and how we should exist via 6 inch screens that we hold in our palms, I want to encourage you to make a radical move in your own journey as a human and accept yourself as you are right now.

Give yourself permission to exist in beautiful intimate photos 

because there's nothing about you that you need to change.


I started my journey as boudoir photographer with a dedicated studio because after navigating years of yoyo-dieting with weight loss and weight gain and changes to my body as I've grown, I realize just how important it is for me to accept every part of me and to love and adore the body in which my soul resides.

And it's my sincerest desire to help you experience that radical self acceptance, too.

Hi, I’m Jessica Hunt!

I’m a wedding, anniversary, and boudoir photographer based in beautiful South Carolina. I’ve been documenting the lives of my clients for 5 years and I believe that every person should be intimately photographed at least one time in their life.

"I never thought I could see myself like this and feel this beautiful" are words I hear often. Want to know the secret to photos like that?

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It’s not in the posing or in “flattering” angles...

It’s when my clients feel safe enough to be truly seen as they are. When they feel comfortable enough to let me in. And when they can trust that I really do see their unique beauty on the other side of my lens.

That’s what I want Jessica Hunt Photography to be known for: creating a safe, celebratory space for you to be fully and 100% yourself.

Representation in Imagery

Truly Matters

I would be honored to photograph you and all the nuances of your identity, my friend.

You, seeing yourself in gorgeous intimate photographs, is my goal.

The images we see on a daily basis can change how we see ourselves, our bodies, and the people around us. It's my goal to create gorgeous boudoir photos of every body type, person, identity, and each nuance of what makes us human so I can show you, myself, and everyone around us that you don't need to be anything other than who we are right now to exist in beautiful photographs.

Every human is welcome in front of my lens no matter what you look like or how you live your life. These photos are a celebration of you and the body in which you reside, and I'm here to make sure you feel totally safe and comfortable throughout the entire process.

I proudly photograph anyone and everyone. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, partnerships and people of all genders, and people inspired by every background, religious tradition, country, and culture are welcome here at Jessica Hunt Photography.

my Colored hair

My hair is an extension of my open-minded, brave-hearted, free-thinking soul. I’m an artist to my core, and dying my hair a vibrant mix of violets, blues, and pinks is the ultimate act of self-expression for me.

Life is too short to not show up authentically yourself in every moment. Who I am is bold, imaginative, and colorful, and I want everyone to know that hanging out with me is a damn good time!


"I’ve wanted to do an intimate shoot for a while but struggled with finding a photographer I would be comfortable with. I wanted pictures that made me feel and look beautiful and Jessica did that better than I had hoped for."


boudoir stories

"The way Jessica captures everyone's inner beauty made me realize that beauty is something that needs to be nurtured. Beauty is something that exists before and after you walk into the studio, but Jessica helps to bring that out of you."


Boudoir stories

"I have always “manipulated” the way I look on camera. I always have to have the perfect lighting, the most flattering angle and the best filter. It was so empowering to be able to give over that control and allow someone else to photograph me in what I would consider a more vulnerable state."


boudoir stories

"I was definitely a tad nervous before the session, but excited. Jessica made me feel so comfortable and confident during the shoot though, and I left feeling empowered!"


boudoir stories

"Working with Jess was one of best things that I ever have done. She was so kind and so uplifting and supporting. never had seen myself in that way, so it was such a positive experience for me to see these photos for myself."


boundoir stories

"I felt beautiful the entire time and very comfortable working with Jessica. The entire experience (with hair, makeup, and photography) makes you feel glamorous, elegant and confident."


Boudoir Stories


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